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Last updated on March 22, 2023 1:00 pm

Arlo Pro 2 Camera Black Friday DealsThe Pro2 kit by Arlo offers the most recent choice for those looking for an outdoor-friendly pair of security cameras wireless that work without having to plug into the AC power outlet. The kit includes two outdoor security cameras that can be recharged and a base station to can connect with your router. Arlo Pro 2 Camera Black Friday Deals 2022 The cameras powered by batteries are weatherproof and can be used outdoors in the distance that the Wi-Fi network allows. If you sign up to the Arlo Smart cloud plan you receive alerts whenever the cameras spot someone (versus the car or your cat’s neighbor) and motion detection zones added to the mix to provide additional security. The connection to Arlo Alexa feature worked great also.

When I logged in, I was able to enter my log-in details for Arlo and was I was prompted by the Alexa app , and was in a position to ask Alexa on an older version of the Echo Show to show me the camera. After a short time I was able to view the live feed from the camera in the backyard at CNET Smart Home.Arlo is also comes with the Apple TV app, but there is no Siri voice capability. However, you can utilize an Apple TV to pull up your Arlo Pro 2 cams. It worked perfectly, however the camera doesn’t work with voice commands. All three cameras have personal alerts. Arlo and Logitech charge for this feature, whereas Canary provides it free of charge. The thing that makes this camera Arlo Pro 2 apart is its cloud storage for free. Arlo offers you seven days of storage for free; Canary and Logitech only offer 24 hours of storage for free. I’m pleased to say that the configuration for The Arlo Pro 2’s storage was simple and easy.

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I installed the app on the iPhone X (it works with Android as well, to be fair). I connected my device to Internet via the Ethernet cable, then pressed each of the sync keys and waited for all devices to connect. Between the downloading, the syncing and getting comfortable with the app, the setting up was probably around 15 minutes which isn’t very bad at all. I’m going to give you an alert, however ensure that you have a reliable Wi-Fi connection before installing this camera. I don’t know the amount of frustration I’ve faced when setting up devices such as this one with a shaky internet.

These devices need four arcs of the Wi-Fi icon that we all enjoy. Make sure your router is set up to provide a fantastic setting experience. Necessary Features Awesome! Once we’ve got everything in place It’s time to test them to the testThe Necessary Features test, of course. At we’ve had the pleasure of observing many cameras. We’ve identified what makes a camera an unbeatable rival in the market and an acceptable product for your home. We search for cameras with high-quality audio, video night vision, intelligent platform integration and artificial intelligence, as well as convenience and quality. Can this Arlo Pro 2 hold up to par? Let’s take a look! Video High-Quality Arlo Pro 2 Video Display Arlo Pro 2 Video Display I love the clear and crisp video footage that comes with Arlo Pro 2. Arlo Pro 2 and I am sure that’s because the fact that it video recording in 1080p HD. Nowadays, 1080p is the industry standard , and this camera is in line with its competitors.

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The camera comes with the ability to zoom in at 16x and I’m pleased to report that the quality is the same on every level . There’s no sign of that blurred mess that occurs when you are zoomed in too far. Overall, I’m extremely satisfied with the video quality. Night Vision Arlo Pro 2 Night Vision Arlo Pro 2 Night Vision Man, after all the excitement of watching the footage from daytime I was extremely dissatisfied when I switched on Night mode. When I am evaluating cameras, I always consider the quality of night vision since it’s crucial to determine whether a camera is capable at recording what happens in dark. Many of the things we fear more — theft vandalism, and break-ins occur when we’re asleep or when we are unable to see. For security, it is essential to have good night vision. The Arlo Pro 2 does have my preferred night mode, which utilizes infrared illumination instead illumination with light. Certain cameras employ white light, and while it’s effective in recording good quality footage but I find the harsh lighting to be unsettling and a obvious signal to intrusionists. Infrared light is less ethereal and equally effective in certain cases. For the Arlo Pro 2’s instance, however, I’m not sure.

This is the reason why it is that the Arlo Pro 2 goes beyond simply a standard security camera for your home with its 130-degree viewing angle. The majority of cameras have 130 degrees of view, however having the additional ten degrees means that I can see more of the space. I’m quite confident about it. I also love the fact that I can increase my experience of watching by zooming into and out of the area I’m looking to focus on.

It’s claimed by the manufacturer that the camera is able to be lit up 25 feet away, however, only five feet away it’s not easy to figure out what’s happening in the image. It’s not to say that it’s the most dazzling night mode I’ve seen however, I’ve observed more impressive. The comparisons will come later. You can pay a monthly cost in exchange for Arlo Smart if you’re in need of more storage space and features. I like the fact that Pro 2 has. Pro 2 is battery-powered like the $200 Canary Flex however, you must pay for individual alerts (whereas Canary offers them for free). H

The Pro 2 doesn’t have as many features as the facial-recognition-enabled $349 Nest Cam IQ Outdoor, but it requires a power adapter to work. Check out this review to learn more about various other outdoor security cameras that are that are available. The three cameras mentioned above offer the 1080p HD live streaming as well as the ability to integrate to Alexa or Google Assistant — these items aren’t thought of as “special” or “advanced” capabilities, but they’re useful to possess. You can ask a Google-Assistant or

Alexa-enabled device to show you your camera’s live video feed on your Alexa- and Google-Assistant-enabled smart displays. Within the Google Home app, search for Arlo under the Home Control section. Enter your Arlo account username and password, and it will be connected. After that, you’ll need to say: Arlo Pro 2 Camera Black Friday Deals 2022  “Hey, Google, show me the garden camera on your primary television (or whatever you’ve given it). I’d recommend giving an Arlo Pro 2 cams strong attention if you’re on looking for reliable Wi-Fi cameras that don’t need to be connected.