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Best Carpet Shampooer Black Friday Deals 2021If your home has plenty of wall-to-wall carpeting that gets lots of traffic and stains, Best Carpet Shampooer Black Friday Deals 2021 a carpet cleaner is a worthwhile investment. In case you have the storage area, owning a machine is less costly over time compared to renting or hiring a professional carpet cleaning services. Plus, you’ll have the machine on-hand to tackle stains that the minute they occur and to do regular maintenance cleanings to help your carpets remain looking better longer.

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The Good Housekeeping Institute Home Appliances and Cleaning Products Lab assesses carpet cleaning machines for how well they wash pre-soiled carpeting panels, how much moisture they leave behind, how long the carpets take to dry, and how simple they are to build, use, and shop. In addition, we test any attachments on upholstered furniture. Because we know that not all families have the same carpet cleaning requirements, you will find recommendations from our cleaning pros for carpet cleaners that can tackle pet messes, are safe for area rugs, and also fit in limited storage area. These are the best carpet cleaning machines in GH Cleaning Lab tests.

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How often should you clean your carpet?

Our experts in the Good Housekeeping Institute recommend that you deep clean all your carpets once a year. But if you have pets or allergies, deep wash after every six months.

If a stain appears in your carpeting – particularly a notoriously tough to remove stain such as wine, mustard or curry – treat them immediately.

How much is a good carpet cleaner?

A fantastic carpet cleaner costs involving #100 to 300, and can save a lot of hassle and time. Top brands include Vax, Bissell and Rug Doctor.

If you would rather not buy a machine, you can hire professional cleaners to do a deep clean on your carpeting, which costs around #200. Or you may employ a machine from firms like Rug Doctor for around #20 per day (with #10 additional for detergent).

How we test

When testing carpet cleaners at the GHI, we lay out a pre-measured quantity of dirt on carpet, hard floor and upholstery. We tread the dirt into the floor and leave it to set overnight. We then use each carpet cleaning machine a set amount of times to see how well it cleans the dirty area.

We assess whether the floor is sodden, moist or totally dry after use. We inspect the carpet and upholstery stack to find out whether it has been revived and lifted, and we look at the colour of the carpet and upholstery also.

For ease of use, we assess how easy the machine would be to assemble and what additional tools are available.