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Dell Latitude 5490 Black Friday DealsIt is the Dell Latitude series has always been a favorite among businesses buyers because these notebooks offer precisely the features corporate IT requires at a cost that finance departments can bear. Dell Latitude 5490 Black Friday Deals 2022 The bottom rung of the Latitude ladder is the 3000-series model featuring 11-inch displays that run the Celeron CPU. On the other side of the spectrum are the top-end Core i7-powered 7000 series with many advanced features. There are also 2-in-1 designs and rugged models and, as of today the 5000-series.

It’s the Dell Latitude 5490 is the most recent 5000-series model and is designed to keep Dell prominent in the discussion about innovative productivity tools in this year’s board meetings. Latitude 5490 is available in 11 configurations. Latitude 5490 comes in 11 various configurations, starting from PS709 (around $95) ex VAT and can go all the way until PS1,109 (around $1,500) dependent on processor display, memory, and other storage features. The Latitude 5490 can also be made more expensive by adding features such as the SmartCard reader LTE modes and fingerprint scanners, as well as adding other accessories such as that Dell Business Dock. The Latitude 5490 that we review here replaces the 5480 model, a highly regarded design and a formidable rival in the market with top-quality offerings that include Acer, HP, Lenovo and Toshiba among other brands.

The main difference between Dell US as well as Europe choices is that the model reviewed isn’t available in the American selection. It’s a 799 (around PS586) model from the Latitude5490 model in the US comes with only 4GB of RAM and 500GB SATA drive, and an inferior resolution 1366x 768-pixel display. The 1080p display is only available to systems with Core i7-8650U and i5-8350U processors. Dell Latitude 5490 Side View Design Since the machine isn’t an Dell XPS and we were expecting the interior to be made of metal with plastic and our expectations were right.

Dell Latitude 5490 Black Friday Deals 2022– Sales Discount Offer

Whatever the material it’s this Latitude 5490 feels well-made, robust, and its surface texture makes it easy to hold. The last thing to consider is considering that the machine weighs 1.6kg that if it falls can result in unpleasant consequences. This is a bit over the top for a machine of this kind however there’s plenty of laptop within the black exterior to make up the weight of having to carry it. One of the first things we noticed about this notebook is that its ports on the outside are distributed evenly between the left, right and rear, with a large USB type-A port to both sides.

It’s generally considered to be a bad choice to have ports placed on the spine of the hinge, since that’s the area where the highest break-off force for angular forces is usually used should the device slide or tip over. Dell acknowledged this by putting the power port as well as the port for LAN. They’re positioned on the plates that hold hinges, and provide them with a metal cover that provides some protection against a possible catastrophe. The level of protection offered isn’t clear however, nothing is more valuable than a damaged notebook cannot be charged, powered or connect to the internet with Wi-Fi. This keyboard is a enjoyable surprise, since it offers a good amount of space between keys as well as a highly positive even if it is a little bouncy movement.

It’s also backlit in case you have to work in dim light conditions similar to those that are used when you are presenting a project. Dell Latitude keyboard advertisement Our main complaint about the keyboard is the size. Dell chose to design the keys for cursors that are small considering the frequency that users will require these keys. In the middle on the keyboard, there is an “nipple to those who adored their ThinkPad at one time (or perhaps still do) however the touchpad is a more effective method of controlling the cursor for the majority of users. Dell touchpads have gotten better and the one that comes in the 5490 model is a lot larger with buttons at in the upper and lower areas and can be used with single, double, or four-finger gestures.

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Most users will likely limit themselves to scrolling and pinching however those who are able to master these gestures will be able to access Cortana and an Action Center with a single move. One of the weaknesses of a computer that is built to a precise price is usually the display, however the screen used in the test model appeared perfectly usable to us. With a resolution of 1080p and the brightness of 200 nits this screen is suitable for normal office use and with this resolution, it doesn’t need any drastic scaling of the interface. We’ve seen larger and more colourful displays from other brands, including from Fujitsu but the screen of this laptop is adequate for most users.

The display isn’t touch-capable as well. Dell does not have touch capabilities with any Latitude 5490 at the moment. Since this isn’t a two-in-one, its absence isn’t too bad except if you’re obsessed with putting dirty fingerprints on the display. The overall experience of this model Latitude 5490 is great and adequate. The SPEC SHEET is here. Dell Latitude5490 specification we sent to TechRadar Pro to be reviewed The CPU is Intel Core i5-8250U Quad-Core 3.38GHz Graphics Intel HD Graphics 620 RAM 8GB of DDR4 memory (2400MHz) Screensize: 14-inches full HD (non-touchscreen) Storage 128GB M.2 SSD ports for SATA 3 ports: USB 3.1 Gen 1. (one that has powershare) and 1 DisplayPort with Type C. Also, there’s 1 HDMI and 1 VGA port, 1 Ethernet 1 x microSD slot, headphone/mic jack connectivity: 802.11ac dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.1 Camera Mic-equipped Camera The weight is 1.6kg (3.52lb) Measurements 332 x 229x 16.9mm (W 332 x 229 x 16.9mm (H) Cell: 4. cells Specifications Advertisement The specifications of this device varies in a wildly different direction from being completely clear to hardly any. The rational side of the spectrum there is an Intel Core i5-8250U CPU.

It’s a superb Kabylake U-series Quad-core (eight-thread) processor that can run in a speed of 1.6GHz until the work increases it by 3.38GHz when it is in Turbo mode. It can do this feat with the maximum TDP of only 15W. The chip in combination with 8GB DDR4 memory provides smooth and enjoyable gaming, and there are sufficient ports for external use to satisfy the majority of users. We are a bit annoyed that Dell remains apprehensive about those who prefer VGA screens, however those who are living within today’s 21st Century can connect via HDMI or DisplayPort via an USB Type-C port. The most expensive models are equipped with this port, which has been upgraded up to Thunderbolt 3, but not in the specs for the hardware that we reviewed. The only place where the specifications are wildly off is with regards to storage and where Dell has erroneously used an M.2 drive that has nothing in terms of benefits over an SATA-connected SSD.

The reasoning seems to be that since the 128GB drive that was used in the review is M.2 and therefore superior to that of the 2.5-inch 500GB HDD in other models. It’s faster, but with so tiny space (88GB on the machine reviewed) it impedes an otherwise valuable device. What is even more confusing is the reason M.2 technology was chosen to create the drive. Because the machine is equipped with an 2.5-inch mechanism, which is what you see in the models of hard drives so why would you not choose an even larger SATA SSD? Arguments about M.2 providing the best performance isn’t true also, since Dell decided to stick with SATA M.2 modules over the entire range of models in the UK and not NVMe. Dell Latitude 5490’s internals Dell Latitude 5490 Black Friday Deals 2022 There’s no upgrades that can be easily made by the user If you don’t feel like deconstructing the Latitude, you won’t be able to make use of that 2.5-inch drive bay ever. If you don’t mind taking off the screws or cloning drive the disappointment is just around the corner.