Dell Xps 13 7390 Black Friday Deals 2022

Last updated on June 2, 2023 12:49 am

Dell Xps 13 7390 Black Friday Deals The most recent version of Dell XPS 13 has been released. Dell XPS 13 brings Intel’s ultra-modern 10-th Generation processors to the venerable ultraportable laptop. (It’s made up of chips called “Comet Lake,” Dell Xps 13 7390 Black Friday Deals 2022 distinct from the 10th Generation “Ice Lake” processors in the newly-released Dell XPS 13 2-in-1.) The rest of the machine’s design is stunning, from its exterior design to its sharp 4K display is so great that Dell has decided to keep the machine largely unaffected from previous models. The predecessor earned an unheard-of five-star score when we reviewed it back in January.

The current model, which retails at $1,176 and will be $1,764 when tested (fitted out with the six-core Comet Lake chipset) has now joined its predecessor the Razer Blade Stealth 13 to be the top ultraportable laptops that you can purchase. It’s true that you can have both power and slim weight in one laptop, and Dell’s latest XPS 13 7390 is here to show that. With its six-core Intel Core i7-10710U processor the thin and light machine (available on has actually beaten larger models that are more powerful. But before we make you feel all excited the XPS 13 7390 and its Comet Lake-U CPU won’t be able outdo a laptop that has an incredibly fast, high-end Core i7-9750H. However, it’s an ultraportable notebook that is the only one that can actually beat older 7th-gen “H”-class CPUs found in heavier laptops like the ones in the XPS 15 cousins. The performance level in this kind of portability is not seen before at the beginning of this year.

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It is part our regular review of the top laptops. Check out the website for details on the competition and how we tested them. There are the two Thunderbolt 3 lanes however there is no USB Type A. Dimensions and weight We tested the size and weight of our XPS 13 weighed in at 2.8 pounds, 3.3 total with the AC adapter. It’s 12 inches wide, close to 8 inches in depth in addition to 0.3 or 0.46 inch thick. Wireless: WLAN 6, using Killer/Intel AX1650 as well as Bluetooth 5.0 Ports 2 Thunderbolt 3, one USB-C, an analog headset jack Keyboard with Noble lock port and trackpad. As the laptop is built largely on the earlier XPS 13 9380, our views have largely remained the same regarding this model. XPS 13 7380 keyboard and trackpad. It is worth noting that the trackpad in this particular model is a bit metallic with a some friction.

There are some who complain that the keyboard doesn’t feel as responsive as the older models and we’ll be able to agree. It’s hard to define what it is to it, but the keyboard seems a bit unresponsive. It’s definitely not a problem but it’s certainly not our top laptop keyboard. It’s all about the core count. The most significant change is 6-core Core i7-10710U processor that offers performance not heard of in a laptop that is ultraportable. The 10th generation “Comet Lake” CPU is made by taking the identical 14nm-based Whiskey Lake CPUs and adding two additional cores on the chip. Sure, you’ll say it’s the “same old, same old,” but you’re wrong since, until now we’ve not seen anything more than four cores in laptops that thin and light. Dell XPS 13 7390 comet Lake 6 Core Cinebench ntGordon Ung Two additional cores gives the Core i7-1010’s 10th generation an enormous advantage over other light and thin laptops.

Cinebench Performance Intel has been looking at its nose every time someone suggests running a test to evaluate intense 3D modelling on laptops with thin and light weights as they aren’t many laptops that can perform this task. We should also add that, with the power being offered by a slim and light laptop, it is now possible to perform lightweight 3D modelling in the field. This is easily demonstrated in our initial test with Maxon’s Cinebench R15 above. Two additional cores result in an increase of 34 percent over 10th-gen Core i7-1065G7 found in the Dell XPS 13 2-in-1. It’s even more impressive is the contrast between the 8th-gen chip that is the fastest Whiskey Lake and the brand new Tenth Gen Comet Lake chip. Since both have the same cores that are essential that the 44 percent boost is simply amazing. Dell xps 13 7390 comet lake 6 core cinebench 1tGordon Maha Ung Single-threaded performance also receives an improvement, but the majority laptops in this category offer pretty similar performance.

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The world isn’t centered around multi-threaded speed, though it is a good thing. In several ways, single-threaded performance with a single core is nearly as significant. When using single cores, speeds of the different generations matter the most. This is not surprising since they all have a higher clock speed for lighter lighting and we can notice the performance gap closing down. The latest XPS 13 7390 is only 7 percent more efficient that it’s predecessor, the XPS 13 2-in-1 with its 10th-gen processor and just 8 percent more efficient than the prior XPS 13 9380. It’s important to mention that if you’re running an earlier 7th-gen Kaby Lake notebook, then the most recent 10th-gen Core-i7 the 10710U is around 32 percent faster when it comes to single-threaded tasks. Dell xps 13 7390 comet Lake 6 Core handbrakeGordon Mah Ung One thing we find remarkable is that the XPS 13 7390 has the thermal headroom needed to keep speeds under the 45-minute all-core encode task. HandBrake performance

Although Cinebench is an excellent tool for giving a performance score, the drawback of using Cinebench on its own is that it can’t frequently tell you how your laptop performs under long or more intense conditions that could make the computer get hot and slow down. We rely on the HandBrake encode program, which is charged with the task of converting a 30GB 1080p image using an Android Tablet preset. The whole process could take as long as one hour or more for the quad-core processors, depending on the extent to which the manufacturer is willing to reduce the speed. It’s the Dell XPS 13 7390 finishes in just 43 minutes. We were worried that the speed would fall so low that the laptop could be unable to compete with similar processors, even though it has more cores. There’s no need to worry The 43-minute CPU encode shows ample thermal headroom.We would like to spend the entire time creating stunning 3D renderings of futuristic landscapes. Instead, just like the majority people, you’re just plodding around in a massive spreadsheets, running an email merge or writing an TPS Report for Bob. To simulate the real-world environment, we run the PCMark 8 Work benchmark using the standard setting that simulates Office chores as well as video conferencing and other similar scenarios.

The chart above shows two results. the graph above the other one is that runs PCMark 8 with the laptop’s native resolution of 4K and the other at low resolution, which is 1920×1080. In high resolutions Intel integrated graphics may occasionally lower scores. It’s unclear if this is due to drivers on laptops and/or PCMark 8 itself we’re not 100% certain however the facts don’t change.

You aren’t able to tell the difference in Office and Chrome between the most powerful laptop in this chart, as well as those that are slowest. Dell’s top-of-the line XPS ultraportable computers are available in clamshell-style conventional elements, as well as 2-in-1 convertible designs that have hinges that rotate to allow them to transform into tablets, or let them, be set up to act as tents or easels tables for more comfortable video viewing. There was a time when you had to pay a substantial weight and size charge when you picked an XPS 2-in-1 model over a traditional laptop that had the same screen size. Dell Xps 13 7390 Black Friday Deals 2022