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Last updated on June 1, 2023 11:57 pm

Garmin Edge 520 Black Friday DealsThe Garmin Edge family is pretty established at the head of the cycling GPS computer table – and the Edge 500 took a position as the firm favourite for years. The 510 was finally updated in 2013. The touch screen functionality Garmin Edge 520 Black Friday Deals 2022 on both the 510 and 810 failed to impress, and the new creation was later replaced by its big brother: the Garmin Edge 520. This model has been my companion for almost a year. However, it is so packed with features that I have probably not used all of them. The Garmin Edge 500 was admired for its simplicity in presenting basic metrics such as speed, distance and time. Plus power and heart rate, with the appropriate monitors. The 520 does all of these and more.

Garmin Edge 520 screen with buttons and mounts At Edge 500 level, Garmin computers have always been known for offering a compact handlebar companion that’s large enough for easy viewing, yet small enough that it doesn’t look like an all singing, all dancing ‘how to ride a bike’ manual bouncing on your handlebars. The 520 version follows the same pattern, measuring 4.9cm in width, 7.3cm high and 2.1cm depth. It is easy enough to use the buttons without having to read the instructions. This is a good indicator of success. On the left, you will see ‘On/off’,’scroll up/down’ and “back” on the right. The bottom of the unit has ‘Lap’,’stop/pause’ and ‘on/off’ buttons. This can cause occasional problems when mounting the Garmin to a shorter stem, such as 90mm.

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The top cap can nub the ‘pause” button, but only when fidgeting using buttons elsewhere. Speaking of mounts, the 520 comes with a selection of small plastic attachments that can be applied to the bike with two strong elastic bands, or you can purchase an out-front mount. Garmin mounts are often criticized for not being able to withstand crashes. My Garmin 520 screen was scuffed in a crash, where it became detached from the bike and skidded across gravel with my lower body. Garmin does offer a tether to connect the mount and Garmin. Users can move from the Garmin 20/25, or any other basic GPS computer for cycling, to the Garmin 520 and enter a completely new world when it comes data display.

Multiple profiles can be created and you can choose the ride metrics to display for each one. Each profile can have a different color scheme. Garmin provides a wide range of data readings. All the basics: distance, speed (in all its guises), heart rate, elevation (and even average grade), cadence, calories burned. There are also all the training metrics, such as percentage spent in training zones and power meter metrics like TSS, normalized power, etc. Garmin Vector pedals can display individual readings for each leg. There are data screens for Garmin Varia light, connectivity to Di2 gear system, and you can also view the battery level and ratio. Connectivity is also possible with your Garmin.

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This allows for cable-free transfer of rides. This is useful if you have a longer lunch ride. Garmin claims that the battery lasts for 15 hours. I found that with the screen brightness set at a reasonable level, it could last a week of riding comfortably. I’ll step away from the moral argument around Strava’s dominance of the simple pleasure (or brutal self destruction) of cycling: if you want to, you can set your Garmin 520 up with your Strava profile. When a Strava segment approaches, you will be notified and can see your progress. You also get an on-screen notification if your club has awarded a KOM/QOM, a PB or you have topped the leaderboard. There are many Strava segments – so you don’t have to spend your whole ride comparing your results with others, you can choose to star key segments. Although Strava was dominant initially, we didn’t give up. ),

Garmin and the orange giants are clearly batting for the same team now, and your unit comes with a two month trial period with Strava Premium. Garmin Edge520 FTP and V02 Max measurements Garmin 520 now has the ability to automatically monitor for FTP and V02 max – provided that you are using a heart rate monitor or power meter. The V02 max measurement (the maximum oxygen consumption per minute per kilogram body weight) is an estimate. It’s difficult to determine its accuracy without performing a complete V02 test. The Garmin 520 flashed with ‘NewV02 max! After some hard sessions, the Garmin 520 did flash up with ‘New V02 max!’ Garmin 520 can be told when you want to perform an FTP test. It will provide instructions on how to do it (warm up, ride for 5 min at zone 6, zone 2, 20 minutes test, cool off) and will also display the FTP data over time.

The new Garmin Edge 520 is designed for competitive riders and includes Strava Live Segments (FTP testing), Di2 integration, FTP testing, Strava Live Segments and recommended recovery times. The compact unit can track all standard metrics such as distance, speed and elevation. It also includes a heart-rate strap, power meter, and heart rate. It’s actually easier to list the things that the 520 lacks than what they have. The 520 does not have a touchscreen, but seven buttons. A Bluetooth connection can be used to upload wirelessly from your smartphone if the Garmin Connect app on your smartphone is open, but there is not Wi-Fi on the Edge 1000. The Edge 520 sits in the middle of the Edge line, which ranges from the diminutive Edge 20 and Edge 25 units that can perch atop your top cap up through the map-friendly Edge 810 to the smartphone-sized Edge 1000. The screen-to-body ratio of the 520 is higher than its siblings. Features included vs. features actually used BikeRadar uses a

Garmin at least once a week. We use standard metrics such as distance, speed and ride time. The dual-satellite GPS/Glonass system by Garmin is so efficient that most riders don’t need a sensor to measure speed or distance. Similar to the above, although elevation won’t always be perfect, it’s sufficient for recreational pursuits. This is not a place to target missiles, but a place for riding bikes. These features are also available on the Edge 20 and 25 at a much lower price. You get many metrics when you upgrade to the 520. Power can be recorded and analysed in many ways. These include real-time, 3sec and 10sec, Normalized. Intensity Factor. TSS. Left/right balance. If you have Garmin Vector pedals, time spent seated vs. time out of the saddle. The basic data capture is useful for both analyzing after the fact and metering power while riding. [Updated May 9, 2009] The 520 occasionally dropped the ANT+ power signal after a few months of riding. Although it didn’t occur often (maybe once every two weeks), the 520 would occasionally drop its ANT+Garmin Edge 520 Black Friday Deals 2022 power signal. It did happen with different meters and only lasted for a few seconds. The drops became more frequent and almost rhythmic. After much discussion with Garmin’s Edge engineer, the problem was solved. The BSXinsight Connect IQ App was removed, which eliminated the worst drops. We also updated the 520 with the 6.0 softw.