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Garmin Vivoactive 4 Black Friday DealsBefore I tried it, I was unsure who the vivoactive4vivoactive4 was intended for. Garmin describes it as a smart GPS smartwatch that is Garmin Vivoactive 4 Black Friday Deals 2022 “built for active lifestyles.” But, I was left wondering: Is this watch for serious athletes? Are you a highly active individual? People who want to be more active, but aren’t quite as active. After running for many miles and two weeks, I now have a better idea. The vivoactive 4, in a nutshell is a hybrid smartwatch that combines the essential features of a fitness tracker with the classic look and feel. Its emphasis on activity and goal setting is what really makes it stand out.

The right size is important First, the vivoactive4 is very small. It’s light (50.5g), not too thin (12.8mm) and smaller than most smartwatches I have tried. It fits and feels better that any Garmin model I have tested, except the Forerunner 35Forerunner 35. It’s smaller than the Forerunner35, so it would suit both males as well as females with small wrists. My husband (6’4″), who is also my unofficial testing assistant, claimed that it was his favorite fit. It’s also possible to get a smaller version called the vivoactive4S. It weighs in at just 40g and is 40x40x12.7mm.

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Displays are not to be missed Soon after, more positives were discovered. The touchscreen on the vivoactive 4 is a rare feature among smartwatches. It took me some time to get used too, and sometimes it wasn’t cooperating when I was running. It also has a color display and a large display size (1.3″) with a nice resolution of 260 x 226 pixels. The vivoactive 4, unlike other watches that, for unknown reasons, skimp on the display size, clarity and color, nails it with its touchscreen, size, clarity, and color. Battery life is excellent This watch is not known for its battery life. It is quite adequate, especially when compared to Fitbit or Apple Watch models. It can last up to 8 hours in smartwatch mode, 18 hours in GPS without music, and 6 hours in GPS with music.

However, it will not be able to compete with bulkier, more expensive competitors in the battery department. A sleek watch that takes slightly longer to charge is something I am happy with. For the record, it only required me to charge it once a week since I wasn’t using it for music. This watch might not be the best choice for those who value convenience and don’t mind paying more than necessary. It includes 20+ preloaded activities and sports The vivoactive4 can track almost all sports and activities. You have strength, cardio, and aerobic training. There’s also stair-stepping and floor climbing. Indoor rowing, yoga and Pilates are all options. Breathwork is a mindful breathing exercise. You can also view workout animations on the screen. This is a nice feature for those who want a little guidance but are able to do it on their own terms.

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Outdoor recreation activities include rowing, skiing, snowboarding, and XC skiing. There are running, indoor track running, and treadmill running for endurance athletes. Bicycling, indoor biking, and swimming in the pool (with a rating of 5 ATM which means that it can swim as deep as 50m). The watch also includes a variety of golfing features, including a digital scorecard and yardage metrics. Garmin CoachGarmin Coach offers runners the option of hiring a running coach for free. You can choose from three coaches, two of which are well-known and highly respected in the running community. Then, set a race goal (distance options include 5K, 10K, and half marathon) and follow your coach’s training program. This feature is for intermediate to beginner runners and has a maximum pace of 7:00 minutes per mile.

More serious runners will likely skip it. It also includes stats on health and activity. The watch provides a variety of ways to monitor your health and keep you on track with your exercise goals. A wrist-based heart rate monitor tracks 24 hours a day, giving you a rough idea of your resting heartbeat, sleep patterns, respiration rate, and blood oxygen saturation. You can also track your menstrual cycle, and keep track of stats such as stress level or body battery. While these may prove useful over time, they should be treated with caution. Activity tracking includes the usual step counter, calories burned and floors climbed as well as distance traveled.

There’s also a move counter (which shows how long you’ve been sitting down and when it’s time for you to get up and move) as well as an auto goal. These are measured by daily steps and can be adjusted over time depending on how active you are. The vivoactive 4, which includes all the activity and health metrics, makes it very difficult to ignore your wellbeing or health. It is very easy to track your runs. Being a marathoner, I judge watches based on the GPS and running tracking capabilities. The vivoactive 4, even though it isn’t specifically designed for runners, did a great job in this area. I was surprised by how quickly it caught a signal and how accurately my run reports seemed — until I learned that the watch has not just the standard GPS, but also GLONASS and GALILEO (two internationally-based Global Navigation Satellite Systems). It also features an altimeter and compass, as well as a gyroscope and accelerometer.

This makes it great for running and navigation. My only complaint about the watch is the goal-based alerts I get during my workouts. It’s a nice feature that helps me feel more confident and boosts my confidence. On the other hand, it can be distracting to hear the screen flashing and buzzing constantly. I prefer a subtler alert to the goal announcements than the lengthy animations that last several seconds. Or even a simple count at the end. It’s easy to stay connected. You may think that the vivoactive4 is primarily a sport watch. You might be wrong. It offers many ways to stay connected while working, including smart notifications, weather updates, personal calendars, music control (on your phone and watch), music storage (upto 500 songs), GarminPay, Bluetooth, ANT+ and Wi-Fi compatibility. This connectivity offers you peace of mind through LiveTrack and incident detection for select activities. LiveTrack, which can be set up via Garmin Connect, displays your current location and other stats to assist in finding you, such as average pace, planned route, elevation gain, and others. The same feature works when your watch detects an emergency or you request assistance.

It sends your name, location and contact information to your emergency contacts. Add to Cart The vivoactive 4, a stylish and reliable watch, is sure to appeal to many people and athletes. This watch is a great choice for anyone who plays competitive golf, runs regularly, or simply wants to be more health-conscious. It’s currently on sale at $349.99 and is available for purchase for $329.99. This watch is also very affordable considering all its bells and whistles. This is how I see this person getting the Garmin Vivoactive 4 Black Friday Deals 2022 best bang for their buck. You will be motivated to exercise if you can set and pursue goals. The various health metrics will help you make informed decisions about your health and longevity. With all of the information available, you can decide which types of movement work best for you. Then go out and do it!