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Jimmy Buffett, the great philosopher, once stated that “Indecision may or might not be my problem.”These are true words, Glock 43x Black Friday Deals 2021 especially when it comes to concealed carry handguns. It’s hard to decide what to carry. Are bigger things better? Is it really important to have the right skills or is size irrelevant?

In the days before cordless landlines were popular, Wonder-nines were all the rage. These pistols had double-stack magazines and 15 rounds. These were and are still quite heavy-end heavy. However, polymer frames have made it possible to reduce the weight. Manufacturers began to make smaller, lighter carry pistols as concealed carriers grew from zero to 20 million. The ease of concealment and carrying these pistols is what makes them so popular. These guns, which are shown in red, are more difficult to shoot, especially when under stress, and have a limited capacity.

The Glock 43X looks almost identical to Glock 48. The Glock 48 barrel and slide are just a little longer. (Photo by Tom McHale

Recently, it seems that we are following the pendulum back towards the middle. Glock 43X is a shining example. This handy little pistol, the latest in the Glock Slimline Series, is the ideal carry balance point. As many others, my carry evolution was similar. My first gun was a Beretta92 full-sized model. It wasn’t exactly a small pistol. One year later, I realized that smaller was better and joined the KelTec and LCP crowd. It was then that I discovered that I wasn’t as comfortable shooting a micro-gun than I was hand-filling. To illustrate the point, shoot a Steel Challenge course using a full-sized or compact gun. Then, do it again using a subcompact. The Glock 43X is able to move just enough to the larger end of the spectrum to allow for easy shooting. Let’s now take a closer look into the Glock 43X as a concealed carry weapon.

Glock 43x Black Friday Deals 2021– Sales Discount Offer

Dimensions for CarryThe Glock43 is a great carry pistol. Because of its narrow 1.06-inch width, small barrel and short grip, it’s easy for concealment. The grip is for me the problem. It is a two-finger affair and the magazine’s standard capacity is limited to six.

The Glock 43X has the same 3.41 inch barrel as the Glock 43X, but only a mere.04 inch more overall width. The full-height grip surface allows for most people to use their fingers without the need of a magazine extension or pinky. The overall dimensions of the gun are 6.5 inches in length and 5.04 inches high. This makes a big difference in my shooting performance.

The grip texture of the waistband is soft so it won’t cause any skin irritation. (Photo by Tom McHale

The pistols are virtually identical, save for the difference in weight and the higher profile of the 43X (which measures 5.04 inches instead of 4.25 inches for 43), With a taller magazine, the 43X weighs in at.71 ounces more than the 43’s 17.99-ounce with an empty magazine. You’ll notice a three-plus-ounce increase in weight when you add the four extra 9mm cartridges to the 43X.

Although I cannot pinpoint the exact details, the grip of the 43X is very similar to a Glock. It fits my hand perfectly. Glock grips have always been too rectangular for me. While I can shoot them on a daily basis, they are too rectangular for me. If I have the option, I will always choose a more rounded profile. This gives me better control and hand-to-grip contact. The grip of the 43X is just right. Because the grip is single-stack, it has a slightly more contoured exterior.

Another benefit is that you don’t need to use finger and hand contortions to trigger the trigger. Some guns are too small for me. I must make an effort to remove my finger from trigger guard to reach the first joint or pad placement. My trigger finger is naturally placed on the first joint of the 43X. This is acceptable to me. For larger guns, I prefer a pad placement. The crease placement on this pistol has not caused any problems for me.

Glock 43x Black Friday Deals 2021– Guide

Glock 43X Specifications Glock 43X height permits the use of a 10-round single stack magazine. Carry capacity is 11. Two magazines are included with the pistol, as well as the standard Glock magazine-loading device.

The 43X has a two-tone finish, and front cocking serrations. (Photo by Tom McHale

The appearance of the 43X is different from traditional. The 43X is only currently available in a 2-tone configuration, with a black polymer frame paired with a brushed stainless-steel slider. This pistol has cocking serrations on the slide’s front and back. The pistol is easy to conceal and carry because there’s no rail at the front. The dust cover in front of the trigger guard has a well-rounded shape and is slim enough to allow for IWB carrying.

As is the safe-action design, the controls are Glock standard. The magazine release is large. It is easy to activate with my large hands. It works perfectly fine when my thumb’s first joint touches the button.

The Glock was very easy to shoot. To eliminate the “me factor”, I asked my range officer buddy, and some friends, to light some ammo. They all reported the same results: easy shooting and low recoil. According to my spring scale, the trigger weighs 6 pounds more than standard Glocks. The trigger’s center weight was measured. The measured weight was reduced by approximately a pound by pulling down a little further.

The 43X was tested with traditional self-defense ammunition including Federal HST 124, SIG Sauer VI-Crown 124, SIG Sauer 360 V-Crown 115, Hornady American Gunner TTP 115 grain. The 3.41-inch barrel performed flawlessly. Average velocities ranged from 1,080.3 feet per sec for the SIG 360 to 1,117 for SIG V-Crown 124 grain. A couple of specialty loads were also tested: DoubleTap’s Lead-Free 77 grain and Inceptor ARX74 grain. Both were light for caliber, and the muzzle speed was 1,361 and 1,448.3 ft/s. Two practice loads were also taken: SIG Sauer FMJ115 grain and American Eagle Syntech115 grain. Both of these were as smooth as the hollow-points.

I tested the accuracy of the sandbag accuracy using the same ammunition from 15 yards. The average five shot group size was measured. Glock 43x Black Friday Deals 2021 The majority of defensive loads printed well below 2 inches groups, with the Hornady offering printing the largest at 0.87 inches.