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Gloomhaven Black Friday DealsDesigner Issac Childres, a massive, “Euro-inspired tactical combat” board game, took the #1 spot on in December 2017.  Gloomhaven Black Friday Deals 2021 Gloomhaven has held steady since, knocking Rob Daviau’s Pandemic Legacy Season 1 and Matt Leacock’s Pandemic Legacy: Series 1 off the top spot.

Gloomhaven’s 2015 kickstarter raised more than $386,000, and the kickstarter for its second printing raised almost $4 million. Frosthaven, the sequel to Gloomhaven and riding on the popularity of Gloomhaven, broke crowdfunding records and raised nearly $13 million. Gloomhaven has been sold over 200,000 times. This is a large number of people who have a lot Gloomhaven. BGG has given the game an 8.8 rating (out of 10) and 39,366 ratings at the time of writing. The game has been rated perfect by over 15k gamers. But is it up to the expectations?

Gloomhaven is a Legacy cooperative adventure/dungeon crawler/ tactical combat with some Euro flair.

The game takes place within the city of Gloomhaven, as well as its surrounding lands. The players form an adventuring team that works together to conquer a variety of dungeons and defeat monsters. Each character begins the campaign with a goal. Once they reach that goal, they retire. New abilities are then unlocked, allowing players to play a variety of games throughout the campaign. This isn’t your typical dice-throwing dungeon crawl, where you just run through and kill all the bad guys. Hand management and strategy are key elements. Each dungeon offers a unique puzzle. How can a party make the most of their characters and resources without becoming exhausted or losing levels?

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There are many things that can happen outside of your main adventures. You can choose to either visit a City Event Deck or a Road Event Deck. These events take place in either Gloomhaven, as you prepare to leave the city for an adventure, b. You are on the road towards your chosen adventure. These cards come with a little flavor text and allow the party to make a decision that may reward or punish them. The card’s front shows a scenario, while the back of the card displays the consequences or rewards for that decision. There are several cards with the same wording but different outcomes. I’d like to see the wording slightly changed so that your party doesn’t feel like they’re in deja vu.

Each dungeon’s main gameplay is quite straightforward:You choose 2 cards from the deck and take your turn. A hand of cards is what you start with. These cards are your character’s stamina, and abilities. You lose the round if you run out cards. Characters can’t be killed off. They simply get tired, and your companions will be able to finish the scenario. You will be given 2 cards each round and you must play them. Each card has a top and bottom ability. You can choose from either one of the top cards or the bottom card. Each card has initiative values. The order in which the initiative is taken determines how many turns are made. After everyone has revealed their cards, the monster cards are flipped. These cards have an initiative value and you play in the order of initiative. This is how a turn works.

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This is a large, bulky box that contains a lot of games. They are of decent quality. Although not the best quality I have seen, they are still of good quality. Each miniature is distinct and can be distinguished from the others on the board. The game includes 17 mini-characters. Gloomhaven features 34 new types of monsters, as well as 13 Boss monsters that have close to 240 high-quality monster standees. The box contains over 1500 cards. This is a lot.

You should not take this apart until you have looked at the various storage options. You can find a variety of inserts that will fit your game, and they may cost you as many as two or three new games. The Y.A.S.S. is my favorite because I’m cheap. BoardGameGeek. It cost me $20.00 and includes 4 plano boxes, 12 slots accordion binder to hold the map tiles, and several labeled plastic bags. This makes it much easier to set up and tear down. You shouldn’t dive in until you have some control and order over the setup.

One thing that puzzles is the board. You can place stickers on it to show where you have been and what great feats you and your friends have achieved during your adventures. It’s not something you use very often. It’s true. It’s not used at all. The removable/upgradable sticker set was purchased for me in case I needed/wanted to reset the game at some point. This allowed me to play with another group of adventurers. The set includes a folder with a check-box system that shows you where you have been and what you have accomplished. Although the board looks nice, it isn’t very useful and it’s not a good fit for the table.

Although the rulebook has 52 pages, it is well-organized. It is not easy to read and set up. The rules include the meaning of each symbol, trait, turn and other information. The rulebook also covers many of the “if that happens, then do that…” scenarios. Although the gameplay is not difficult, there are many scenarios that can arise and the rulebook covers a lot of them. There is an official FAQ online that can help players if they run into an issue not covered in the rulebook. Is it bad for a game to have an FAQ? No. No.

MECHANICSThere is so much going on in this game, as I have already mentioned. There are many things to keep in mind. There are many symbols that can be used to create different monsters. In a fully cooperative Legacy game, the game uses a variety of mechanics, including hand management, deck building, grid movement, hand managing, variable player powers, and much more. They work well together.

A player’s initiative, abilities, and movements are determined by the turn they play 2 cards. The character’s stamina (cards that have not been used) is also affected. Sometimes cards can be re-used, other times they are lost until the end. It’s part of the fun to decide when is the best time to do damage.

There are also some great synergistic effects. The Scoundrel character, for example, has some great adjacency bonuses and can cause some serious damage when paired with characters like the Brute and Craghart who can get in close to the enemy.

TIME, AGES, & PLAYER COUNTA scenario for two players takes me and my friend the adventurer around 120 minutes, with setup and breakdown. Rerunning a scenario is much faster than the first time. One of the smaller scenarios I led at GenCon was with four players. We were able complete them in one hour. However, those scenarios were designed to be completed in one hour with four players. There are 95 scenarios players can encounter during the game. The time it takes to complete each scenario will vary depending on who is leading it. The 60-120 minute time limit for 1-4 players seems to be sufficient. Gloomhaven Black Friday Deals 2021 The convention used 12+ as the age limit. It worked well, with a wide range of ages seated at the table. However, it was rare to see anyone younger than 12.