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Jabra Gotm 6470 Black Friday DealsAt a retail price point of $319.95, the new Jabra Go 6470 features a range of audio kung fu to deliver optimum call clarity and hearing protection, regardless of what type of phone you are using, mobile, desk or softphone. Jabra Gotm 6470 Black Friday Deals 2021 Jabra’s 6470 has high-definition sound capabilities and digitally enhanced voice to deliver crystal clear calls.

The Jabra Go 6470 offers Bluetooth Class 1 Support with an effective wireless range of up to 300 feet. Jabra Go 6470 comes with a base/charging station and a touch-sensitive screen of 2.4 inches. Users are able to switch between devices and manage calls via the user-friendly touch screen.

The Jabra Go 6470 supports 2 wearing styles. You can wear it behind-the ear or convert it to an over-the head monaural style with the included headband. The Jabra Go 6470 also features Jabra IntelliPower for lowered energy consumption, and promises up to 6 hours of talk time.

While the Jabra Go 6470 certainly is not inexpensive, it offers the value of consolidating headset needs for three distinct user applications….the mobile phone, the desktop phone and the softphone. If you are a heavy headset user, and want the convenience of a single headset that can pull triple duty for softphone, mobile phone and desktop IP phone use, check out the Jabra Go 6470 today.3 x connectivity: mobile, soft and deskphone The Jabra Go 6470 is a professional headset designed for office executives.

Jabra Gotm 6470 Black Friday Deals 2021– Sales Discount Offer

Employees can connect to three devices simultaneously, so they can use the same headset on their mobile, desk and softphone. I am only dropping to 4 stars because i miss my Jabra Pro. There are about five of these in our office. They are very mobile and great. I had never had any issues with the pro. I occasionally hear an echo from this one. This is usually fixed by a reboot. Jabra is great with Mac or PC. These phones are very easy to set up and they work well with our Cisco VOIP Phones. Jabra has been our preferred VoIP phone for many years. I don’t see any reason to change.

Jabra Go 6470 Bluetooth headset is quite different from your typical Bluetooth headset. It’s designed to be used in the office using a landline phone or computer telephony app, as well as on the move with your mobile. The most important difference is the dock which allows you to control the headset touchscreen. This makes it easier to set up and handle calls.
You’ll be overwhelmed by the number of parts in the box when you open it. The headset, the base station with a flip-up touchscreen and a mini-USB charging station, as well as two power supplies (one to charge the base station, one to charge the mini charger), are all included in the box. If you’re looking for that professional call center agent look, there is a headset holder that can be clicked into the headset. A USB cable to connect the dock to your computer as well as a telephone lead to connect it to your landline phone are also included.

Jabra Gotm 6470 Black Friday Deals 2021– Guide

The base station is the most unique and interesting part of the entire setup. It is more than a charging dock. Instead, it acts as the hub of all the system. This station handles the connection between your headset and your computer or landline. Bluetooth connections are handled by the headset directly, so that you don’t have to be near the base station in order to use the headset with your phone.

The base station measures approximately half the size as an old VHS cassette. It is made of matt black plastic, with the exception of the frame surrounding the Jabra Go logo which has a glossy finish. The flip-up touchscreen is located on the top right hand side of the station. The screen measures 2.5in and is approximately the same size as a smartphone display. It also has a QVGA resolution so icons and text are sharp and crisp. Although it’s capacitive rather than resistive, the screen is sensitive to touch input and this is not an issue.The product’s usability is greatly affected by the screen. The setup process can be lengthy and complex because the headset can be used with either a mobile or landline phone. Although it takes some time to set up the headset so it works with all three, it is actually very easy because the touchscreen has an on-screen wizard that guides you through each step.

The touchscreen makes it easy to control your calls once you have it set up. The homescreen displays the three active connections, with icons for a standard telephone, mobile phone, and computer. They are arranged in a circular pattern. You can simply touch the screen to cycle between them. The touchscreen can be used to answer calls on one device and place another caller on hold.

The headset has its own call controls. The main call handling button is located on the back. It allows you to pick up and drop calls. While the outside edge serves as a slider to adjust the volume, the outside edge acts like a touch slider. The Jabra Go 6470 features a dual microphone arrangement, which works with the Noise Blackout system to reduce background noise while you are on a call. Jabra Gotm 6470 Black Friday Deals 2021 The headset’s call quality is excellent. Jabra’s wideband sound technology works well, in addition to the excellent noise cancellation. This technology increases the frequency range of your headset, delivering deeper and more natural sounding audio. This works exceptionally well on both mobile and landlines calls as well as Skype calls made from a computer.