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Jabra Pro 930 Black Friday DealsWireless headsets should have clear audio and enough battery life to last the day. They also need to be comfortable to wear for long periods of time. These were the main considerations when Jabra created the Jabra Jabra Pro 930 Black Friday Deals 2021 Pro900 series (Pro 930, 930 and 935). These headsets are not extraordinary, but they’re very affordable.

It is possible to get confused by the many lines of the Jabra Pro900 series. Here are some key features and differences between the different models. The headset has a talk time of approximately 7-8 hours and a range of 325 feet DECT wireless. The headset can be fully charged in under 3 hours with a fast charge battery. 50% charge in just 50 minutes. 20% charging in 20 mins. The microphone can be used to cancel out background noise. If you need to pair more headsets, you can add up to four additional headsets. As the name suggests, it’s a monaural headset (covers 1 ear) It comes standard with a headband, but you can also purchase an ear hook separately. Standard warranty is 1 year. A complete list of features can be found here The 925 Dual wireless headset is unique. It’s very similar in design to the Pro 920, but instead of DECT wireless technology it uses class 1 Bluetooth (300ft range).

Jabra Pro 930 Black Friday Deals 2021– Sales Discount Offer

This headset can be paired with any Bluetooth-enabled device simultaneously, which is the best feature. The headset can be used to make calls from both your deskphone or cell phone/tablet. Bluetooth is integrated into the headset, so you can bring it along with you wherever you go. You get 12 hours talk and 7 days standby. Near Field Communication technology (NFC), which allows your Jabra device instantly to connect with smartphones, tablets and interactive tags, makes it possible for them to interact with other devices, such as tablets and phones. Standard warranty of 1 year. Click here to buy now.

This headset is very similar to the Jabra Pro 925 dual. This headset connects to both a computer or a Bluetooth device. The headset has the same class 1 Bluetooth (300ft range). It can talk for around 12 hours and standby for 7 days. This is a great option if you are looking for a wireless Bluetooth headset to use with your computer. You can take your headset along with you if you need to leave the computer. Bluetooth is sent from the headset, not the base station. Standard warranty of 1 year from the manufacturer. Click here to buy now.

These headsets have subtle features that we won’t be able to mention. If you’d like to see a complete list of features, please click on the links. Remote answering is also possible with headsets that can be connected to desk phones. Remote answering is possible by activating your headset. You can answer the phone from anywhere you are within wireless range. For compatibility information, please call/email us.

Jabra Pro 930 Black Friday Deals 2021– Guide

Jabra’s latest wireless USB headset, the Jabra PRO 930, has been optimized for Microsoft Lync. This headset is intended to be an affordable, professional headset for entry-level professionals. Jabra’s PRO 900 series wireless headset fits well into Jabra’s range. It is a simpler and cheaper version of the PRO 9400 range, and can be used as a replacement for the aging GN9300. It uses DECT 6.0 wireless technology, which is the same as the GN9300s. This device is only compatible with softphones and does not support analog or Bluetooth connectivity, unlike the PRO 9400 models.

The PRO 930 wireless device is easy to set up. Simply unfold the base unit and connect it to power. Next, attach either the included earhook or headband to the headset and then plug the headset into the base station. There are no complicated pairing steps. Simply dock the headset once, and you’re good to go.

PortabilityDo not be deceived by the compact base station and foldable design. The PRO 930 was not made to be carried around on a daily basis. The headset requires AC power to function and is not meant to be carried in a bag.

ComfortThe PRO 930 has a cushioned earpiece that is larger than the PRO 9400. This makes it a more comfortable headset that can be worn for hours. Out of the box, there are two styles available: a headband or an earhook. Both styles worked well for me. However, some testers felt the headset was too large to be used with an earloop. The headset is lightweight and easy to use. Jabra offers an optional neckband, which I find to be my preferred style of wearing their headsets.

Controls and Features- The PRO 930’s control layout is easy to comprehend. It has a large Answer/End button at the center, volume controls, and a Mute button at the back. The GN9300’s wireless headsets have a mute button that is difficult to locate or not known about. This was a complaint that I’ve heard many times. The PRO 930’s mute button can be found easily, which is crucial when you are participating in conference calls that allow you to move far from your Lync client. The headset will play a mute reminder sound when it is on mute. However, this can be disabled by installing Jabra PC Suite.

The answer/end button provides some very useful features, which I would like to see on Lync-certified devices. Jabra calls it a “Multifunction button”. Jabra refers to it as a “Multi-function button”. A single tap can answer or end a phone call. Double-taps can also be used for rejecting calls. The button can also be used to place a call on hold or answer an incoming call. It can also be used to switch between active calls. These are great features, just like the easy-to-find mutes button.

Audio quality & Wireless rangeThe PRO 930 delivers excellent audio quality due to its 40mm driver and noise cancelling microphone. DECT technology allows for wireless range up to 60m. I was able walk across the floor of most of my office buildings without losing audio. A tone was played every few second to warn me if I wandered out of my range. Instead of dropping the call when signal is lost, the call would continue to be active at the base for 120 second and resume automatically when I returned into range. Jabra Pro 930 Black Friday Deals 2021 SummaryJabra PRO 930 wireless headset is a great choice for office workers. It costs $199 MSRP. This headset is recommended for GN9330 and GN9350 users.