Jabra Pro 9470 Black Friday Deals 2021

Last updated on January 20, 2023 12:07 am

Jabra Pro 9470 Black Friday Deals Jabra PRO 9470 was designed for busy specialists and managers. It can help you save a lot of time. The combination of three devices, mobile, desk and softphones, is combined with a stylish touch-screen base. Jabra Pro 9470 Black Friday Deals 2021 You won’t be confused as to which phone you should pick up. All your calls will be handled by the same headset. You can make it even more awesome by adding the amazing sound and the Noise Blackout system to the dual microphone. This wireless mono headset, Jabra PRO 9470, is compatible with both a desk phone and a mobile. This brand is unbeatable. Although we’ve added the product to our database, we haven’t yet tested it. We might be able to review your product if you drop us a note. Many business cards today have different numbers for mobile, desk and softphone. What does this mean? The result? You grab your phone just as the caller hangs up and switches to the desk phone. Jabra PRO(tm), 9470 is designed for busy specialists and managers. It can help you save a lot of time. Multiuse technology allows you to make all of your phone calls to one headset. Simply tap the Talk button to start talking.

Features: One wireless headset can receive calls from multiple devices. The base can be walked 490 feet. The base has technology to block background noises from the microphone. The base features a touch screen interface that allows for setting up and answering calls. The headset features a touch-sensitive button to control volume and one button to answer calls. The magnetic base charges the headset. You can wear it as a headset, on an elastic ear hook, or behind your neck with a plastic band.

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Easy to set up using the touch screen on the base. The traditional headband was comfortable to wear and easy to use. The sound quality was excellent. There were no complaints from those on the other side of my calls. The mouthpiece is not in the way of you being able to wear it while drinking or eating. Downs: Double tap on the touch-sensitive volume control button mutes the user. The same bar controls volume by a single tap. This makes it easy to accidentally mute or make a mistake while on a call.

It is difficult to connect a computer to a desk phone without using cords. Jabra’s PRO9470 wireless headset is an excellent alternative for heavy callers who need a headset that supports all phones. However, the touch screen on the base station makes it more cost-effective than the user productivity. The PRO 9470 includes a base station, which is wired to the computer via a Micro USB connector. It also connects to the desk phone via RJ-11. DECT 6.0 is used by the base station to connect wirelessly to the headset. Bluetooth pairing is supported between mobile phones and the base station. The PRO 9470 is therefore not designed for use outside of the office.

The PRO 9470 is listed at a ridiculous $549. This is especially shocking when you consider the fact that it does not include a Remote Handset Lifter and an Electronic Hookswitch Adapter required for efficient use with a desk telephone. It is available online at a slightly lower price of $300. The PRO 9470 comes in a variety of styles and comfort options that will suit most users. It has a modular design. A removable boom microphone/earphone element can be attached to a neckband, a headband or an earclip.

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The latter includes three sizes of earbuds gels. The headband arrangement was the only one that felt comfortable. I was concerned that the PRO 9470’s medium (mid) boom microphone would not be able pick up my voice well as it was positioned too far from my mouth. These worries proved to be unfounded. The dual microphones picked up my voice and transmitted it well. Jabra’s Noise Blackout technology was a great help in removing ambient noise from the conversation. The headset worked well in our noisy lab. There was very little white noise to the remote caller. Wideband audio is more draining than narrowband. Jabra rates wideband battery lives at 8 hours, while 10 for narrowband. Users have the option of enabling wideband audio for soft phones or desk phones.

Jabra rates the PRO9470’s DECT 6 connection between headset/base station for up 150 meters depending on the environment. In tests at eWEEK San Francisco offices, however, I was unable to get close to this figure. However, in eWEEK’s San Francisco offices, I was unable to reach more than 90 feet without adequate audio quality. The software, called PCSuite, offers on-screen control over each device’s configuration and shows the headset’s battery usage.Administrators should be aware that the version of PCSuite that ships with the unit (version 2.0.54) would not install on 64-bit operating systems (when using either Windows 7 or Windows Vista), although an updated version (v2.1.5.0) available at www.jabra.com/pcsuite resolves this issue.

The updated version includes an update tool that can be used to both upgrade the installed version of PCSuite or to upgrade the firmware on the PRO 9470 itself.Unfortunately, unlike Plantronics’ PerSono software suite that comes with its Unified Communications headsets, there are no on-(PC)screen call control functions, nor is there a way to bridge calls from different devices via the base station to allow conferencing between callers from the desk phone and the mobile, for instance.Instead, call control actions and device setup are done via the touch screen on the base station. The touch screen allowed me to access a wizard that guided me through the setup of each phone. I tested it with Skype using a Windows 7 PC, Cisco 7940 series desk phones, and a BlackBerry Bold 9700 smartphone. ToucToday’s wireless technology industry focuses on making products that offer multiple audio streams. Users often end up with multiple wireless headsets, and need to learn “Quick Change Artist”. Fortunately, the Jabra Pro 9470 wireless headset has come to the rescue. A single wireless headset is now available that supports both your Internet phone and landline phone. It also offers the longest range of any wireless headset at 350 feet.

The screen shows which phone is currently being used and provides controls for mute and hang-up. The touch screen can be used to switch between calls if a call is coming in from another device. The touch screen and the action button on headset could be used to answer, drop or muffle calls. However, the functionality I preferred was on my computer screen. The small screen is 1.5 inches by 2 inches and makes it difficult to manage calls. Jabra Pro 9470 Black Friday Deals 2021 This reviewer found himself addicted to the product. It’s not worth the price if you don’t have to juggle calls daily at your desk, for both cell and land lines. If juggling doesn’t drive you insane, then get a headset for your desk phone that is less expensive.