Kobalt Table Saw Black Friday Deals 2022

Kobalt Table Saw Black Friday Deals 2022The updated Kobalt Portable Table Saw Kobalt Table Saw Black Friday Deals 2022 changes just a couple of things from the budget-friendly KT1015 job website table saw we analyzed a couple of years ago. Kobalt eliminated the outfeed support but increased the left tear capacity by 3-inches. They also adjusted the sliding rip fence so it now locks into place with one knob for fast setting.

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The lightweight Kobalt portable table saw functions hand-in-hand with all the included fold-and-roll stand to make it very maneuverable. We did, however, notice a bit of an issue once we set the saw up. Given what we just said about the diameter of the thighs, it might seem contradictory to gripe regarding the curved leg sticking too far out. But since it bends upward and farther out to the workspace, it becomes quite a trip hazard and shin buster (we are talking from experience!) .

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But if you moved both around, you’d discover the new model to be a lot more nimble. At only 65 lbs, it drops 13 pounds in the KT1015. That’s a big advantage for portability however also a disadvantage for certain programs. We’ll talk about in a minute.

The right tear capacity is the same in 30 inches but the abandoned is left up to 17 inches out of 14. Perhaps the most helpful change, though, is a redesign of the sliding fence from a double fold to a single knob. Kobalt Tools also included yellow pins on the slide which register the fence square.

A frequent gripe concerning the KT1015 was its tough-to-square fence. It had two independent locks, but you could just as easily lock it out of square. A good fence will properly align itself from the front. Our team discovered the fence simple to square and–more importantly–it remained square. The sliding mechanism really feels as though it goes on a more expensive saw–it’s very smooth!

The Kobalt mobile table saw is carbide-tipped blade and 15-amp motor easily cut through everything we had. We ripped plenty of 2x material as well as cement board. No issues there. Along with the remarkable stock blade is still in good shape after all our job.


It will be no surprise that cutting sheet goods on the Kobalt KT10152 mobile table saw (or some other jobsite saw) is not ideal. Smaller generators often lend themselves to being top-heavy. The decrease weight on this table saw really works as a drawback in this case. Sheet products make it a bit too wobbly unless you’ve got some competent assistance or outfeed support.

The fold-and-roll stand, which we discuss below, is wider than the watched perpendicular to the blade but not parallel to it. As you push sheet products through the blade, the stand doesn’t supply enough stability in which you want it the most.

Some Pros will opt to use monitor gears for this particular application, however the budget-friendly KT10152 comes in at almost half the price.