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For a while, we have been traveling full-time. Some places we visit are very remote. You might not be able to see someone for days. So you would think that a portable jumper starter would be essential. But, I was wrong. Noco Genius G3500 Black Friday Deals 2022 I delayed the purchase for reasons that are not known. We have been able to get on our feet without any major delays. However, others have. We couldn’t help but notice that the GB70 is a huge beast. It can start engines up to 6 litres diesel and petrol engines. This beast can start any engine we encounter with a maximum current draw of 2,000A. It measures over 200mm in length, 150mm in width, 65mm in height, and weighs 2.5kg. The battery clamps are so strong that a saltwater crocodile could call them their own. This clamp is only for 12V lead-acid battery batteries.

It can also be used to start smaller batteries. The vehicle will draw only the current it requires. Why use a portable 12V jump starter for a 24V truck? It might sound odd at first. We wanted something that could be used on any vehicle. Isuzu representatives assured me that they use 12V units regularly to start 24V trucks.

Noco Genius G3500 Black Friday Deals 2022– Sales Discount Offer

Two things are most likely to occur. A cell in one of our starter batteries will eventually fail, especially as they are constantly being crushed to death on rough roads and corrugations. The 2 x 12V truck batteries are likely to fail sooner than expected. A portable jump starter will be needed at this point. One of these batteries will eventually run out and die. In this instance, we will connect the NOCO Genius with the dead battery. Another scenario? The other scenario? We can now help them. This has happened many times. You can’t help but look for serial killers!

There’s always the possibility that we might accidentally drain both batteries. We have a second Noco Genius GB70 to power our 24V system in this instance. Although a Noco Genius 24V-rated is available, it is far too overrated for what we actually need. It also costs a lot. Two 12V jumpstarts are also more versatile. Both jump starters have been used together in the event that both of our trucks batteries fail. Simply connect each unit to its battery. It’s that simple! Charging the NOCO Genius There are two ways to charge this battery. You can use the USB to micro USB cable provided and plug it in to any 2.1A USB outlet. The USB to micro USB charging cables are included with The NOCO Genius Boost GB70 handheld jump starter. The USB to micro USB charging cables. The box had about half the capacity. It was charged using the 2.1A USB socket found in our taxi. The USB cable took about two hours to fully charge the device. The micro-USB charging input is small in comparison to the size and weight of the portable battery charger.

Noco Genius G3500 Black Friday Deals 2022– Guide

Although we were skeptical about whether the charger would charge, it works perfectly. You can also use the provided cable to plug it into a lighter socket. Although we haven’t tested this yet, there is no reason to believe it won’t work. The NOCO Genius Boost GB70 portable jumping starter comes with a combination charger/charger cable. This is the NOCo battery charging cable. The lighter socket/plug/cable combo. This is the “charge the NOCO” mode. Strangely, the option to charge it from 240VAC is not available. NOCO has decided that nearly all vehicles have a 12V lighter socket (our truck has a 24V socket), and/or a USB outlet with a 2.1A rating. You can use the adapter plug to convert it from 240VAC to USB if you store it in your garage.

You can also use the NOCO as a charger. To charge all the electronic gadgets we have, you can use a USB cable. The NOCO Genius Boost GB70 portable jumping starter clearly labels the input and output connections. All the charging/charger cables plug into one end marked Out and In. Each one has a splash-proof cover. You can also use the cable supplied with its cleverly reversible plugs. Plug the cable into the provided lighter socket and connect it to any device that has a male lighter plug. It’s clever! Clever! This cable can be used to charge external devices. This is the “NOCO, charge anything with a lighter connector” mode. The NOCO Genius Boost GB70 portable jumping starter comes with a combination charger/charger cable.

This explains how each mode works. The packaging provides information about the lighter plug/socket/cable combination. LED Flashlight One end has a 400 lumen LED flashlight that could double as a lightbar. It’s not a joke, but it’s very bright on the highest settings. There are 3 modes of brilliance and 2 emergency flashing modes. One strobe mode is also available. The NOCO Genius Boost GB70 handheld jump starter features a multi-mode LED flashlight. Although not a pocket flashlight it is still useful. If you need to jump start a car in darkness, the flashlight might be helpful. The flashlight isn’t small or lightweight. This unit is not the best choice for your campsite flashlight. Portable Jump Starter The NOCO Genius is clearly a battery jump starter. This is its primary function. It works every time. It was able to start a petrol vehicle over a dozen times in a week and the charge never dropped. It is so easy to use. Simply connect the clamps with the battery terminals and press the On button to start the vehicle. You can also use the manual override button to charge completely dead batteries.

This mode is explained in the User Manual. This mode is called “get out jail” and should not be used without caution. If you are really stuck, however, this function is still available. This function was only used once by me, when my son accidentally left his car’s lights on overnight. The starting battery was 0.3 volts after a quick multimeter check. After connecting the alligator clamps carefully, I double-checked the polarity and turned on the unit. Finally, I pressed the override key. Noco Genius G3500 Black Friday Deals 2022 The car immediately started! In situations like these, the manual override can be invaluable. But you need to be careful. This mode doesn’t offer spark protection or reverse polarity.