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Sennheiser 558 Black Friday DealsSennheiser also makes 500 series models with a leatherette-stitched headband, instead of padding that is glued to plastic. You might also like the 579, 598 SE, 598Cs or 599 models. Open headphones are not something I like. Sennheiser 558 Black Friday Deals 2022 In my entire life, I have owned three pairs. Sennheiser HD 555This was a popular internet site years ago. They were fine. I was expecting to be amazed. They were great. Good, even. It was not as good as the Bose TriPorts that I loved and used for many years. Although I was not a critical listener, they were still acceptable to me. They were given to me by my father. It’s amazing that they still cook along all these years later.

Audio-Technica AD700X: Another very popular headphone. The highs were amazing. The frequency response of the rest was very average. They did not have the wide sound that I expected. It was stupid. It was really stupid. Sennheiser HD 558:Get it nowThisIt is much more like it. The HD 558 is my first open-ear headphone that I have truly enjoyed.
Let’s start with the negatives. Then I’ll go on to rave about these headphones.Negatives

Sennheiser 558 Black Friday Deals 2022– Sales Discount Offer

The CableThe cable comes with a 10 foot length. The cable terminates in a large quarter inch plug with a 3.5mm adapter. The adapter is required because 99 percent of consumer devices have a minijack. This makes the plug an absurdly large, heavy thing. It is stupid. It’s a nice cable, but it’s all baffling.

But! It can be detached and replaced! It uses the same twist-and-lock mechanism as the Audio-Technica M50X headphones, but has a shorter plug end. It won’t fit the M50X cables. Sennheiser sells a replacement 3.5mm-ended cable, but there are many other options online. All three are priced at around $15. The headphones arrived within an hour of me using them.

Perhaps I’ll check out the cable next week. It would be both good and stupid.

IsolationThese headphones offer no isolation because they are open. Open headphones are not my favorite as they offer no isolation. I use them often when I’m on the go and need to be able to hear everything around me. The outside sound will be heard, but the 558’s won’t let in as much. You could.probablyThese can be used in a room with someone else without disturbing them unless they are really cranky.

Sennheiser 558 Black Friday Deals 2022– Guide

StorageThey don’t fold at all and have large ear cups that make them a bit bulky. These are not intended to be carried around in a bag. To store them when not in use, you will need a shelf or hook for your headphones. These headphones are amazing in every other way.

Positives Design/BuildThe 558 is all-plastic and yet looks stylish and solid. They feel luxurious in the hands. They are smooth and clean. The M50X’s locking cable mechanism is as strong and reliable as the M50X. The logo branding is subtle, and the shiny accents don’t seem garish.

ComfortThey will completely disappear from your head. The headband padding is one of the most comfortable I have ever felt. The ear cups were large and well padded. They fit perfectly around my eyes and ears. The headband is very comfortable.18 clicksEach side can be adjusted. It’s amazing how far the arms can extend. They didn’t stop, as I had hoped.Keep going.They fit my large head better that any other headphones, and they can easily be adjusted to fit smaller heads.

The clamping force is strong, but not average. It’s strangely good. This is the most clampy headphone that will still go on your head. The ear cups pivot well and the pads should not touch your ears unless you have the largest ears in the world.

Sound:Soundstage Soundstage soundstage soundstage! Not that long ago, I wrote a blog about soundstage being stupid and not real.

It turns out that I am the stupid one!

These are incredible senses of depth, width and separation. It is unbelievable. It’s amazing to see instruments from all directions. They are rendered with beautiful clarity and precision.

Sennheiser employs some analog acoustic tricksery to achieve this. Their special angled driver is part of Eargonomic Acoustic Refinement, (cringe). The second is called a “Surround Reflector,” which is basically a damping material that helps to reflect sound.

All of it works flawlessly.

They have a beautiful tonality. They claim to have an “Outstanding bass” and vocal projection, which is exactly what they are. The mids and highs are excellent, but not too heavy. They also have the most bass I’ve heard in an open headphones. Open headphones can’t have bass because they don’t seal around the ear. But the 558s provide exceptional sound throughout the frequency range.

They sound exactly like headphones. They sound really cool with their stereo effects.


These headphones are amazing. They have a great sense of depth and imaging. You’ll have a blast if you can live with the open cable and the fact they’re not closed. They are $180, but they often go on sale for a lot less. They are up to 50% off. They were $98 dollars, which I bought. If you’re really lucky, you may even get them cheaper.

The HD 558 model is the middle member of the “5×8 family. You want something less expensive and more bass-heavy. You should consider the 518. The 518’s pads are not as comfortable and weirdly textured, but they offer great value for bassheads. You want a brighter, more luxurious headphone? The HD 598 is the best choice. It is a bit more expensive. If you are considering the 598SE, I recommend the 598SE. It includes a second, shorter, and non-stupid, cable in the box.

The Sennheiser HD558 is a great choice. This is the best home-listening headphone. It is my favorite headphone so far. It’s beautiful. I became a huge fan of open headphones over the weekend. Finally, I understood.

Sennheiser HD558s are easy on the eyes and ears. They have a stylish, plush velour design with a rich, smooth sound.

The HD 558s have a soft, velvety sound that you can listen to for hours.

The HD 558s are powerful and expressive. Drums are impactful, bass notes are deep and rich, and vocals are clear and expressive.

The HD 558s sacrifice transparency and insight in exchange for their even tones. This is useful if you listen to Spotify at low resolution.

They lose some aggression and attack when they listen to certain songs. The HD 558s, if it’s Tom Waits/Public Enemy will smoothen out any rough edges with a softer version.

We don’t like the HD 558s as open as we would like compared to the spacious Audio Technica ATH–AD700Xs.

These headphones feel more like closed-back headphones. However, the soundfield isn’t cluttered.

The Rolling would benefit from more subtlety and dynamicity.A lush sound is enjoyable in the right setting, but we were yearning for some attack and bite to the softened top end: when listening to Metallica you want grunt and power.

Design The HD 558s are a sturdy and sleek design. They have an incredibly soft headband cushion and earcups. Every inch feels premium.The HD 558s are easy to use and grip.The firm grip might not suit everyone, so make sure to try them on.

You can get excitement and attack from your headphones with the Grado SR80is, or the Philips Fidelio X1s.There are many things to love about the Sennheiser HD558s. Their smooth sound and comfort make them a great choice. What Hi-Fi? was founded in 1976 and is the leading independent guide for buying and selling hi-fi and other home entertainment products. Our extensive tests will help you get the best value for money. We also have advice sections that provide step-by-step guidance on how to get more out of your music and movies. Our dedicated team of in-house testers tests Sennheiser 558 Black Friday Deals 2022 everything in our specially-built test rooms in London and New York. The five-star rating and the Awards are internationally recognized as the highest seal of approval. You can therefore buy with complete confidence.