Sony 55 Inch Tv Black Friday Deals 2021

Last updated on May 26, 2023 10:22 am

Sony 55 Inch Tv Black Friday DealsA good 55-inch 4K LED TV like the is available for as low as Rs. A television with similar specifications and features would cost Rs. 40,000,  Sony 55 Inch Tv Black Friday Deals 2021 which is a lot of money right now. 1,29,900 may seem a little steep for some. Even better QLED TVs can be purchased from TCL and OnePlus for half the price. So what is it about the Sony 55X9000H?

The Sony 55X9000H is more than just its brand name. To name a few, the key features of the Sony 55X9000H include full-array local dimming and support for HDR upto the format. Is the Sony 55X9000H worth it for those looking for premium TVs? Check out our reviews to find out.

It is okay for big-screen budget 4K LED TVs look simple and straight-forward, but it is not acceptable for a premium model like the Sony 55X9000H. This television delivers. The slim aluminum frame and the overall thickness of the TV means it doesn’t extend too far from the wall make this television stand out. This 55-inch TV is one of the most elegant-looking I have seen. The silver edges are not distracting and look great.

The standard Sony 55X9000H features two bottom-firing, full-range speakers with a total output power of 20W. The TV’s speaker system supports Dolby Audio, Dolby Surround, and Dolby Atmos formats. Full-array local dimming is available on the 55-inch Ultra-HD LED screen (3840×2160-pixels) and HDR support up to Dolby Vision. At full-HD resolution, the maximum refresh rate is 120Hz and at Ultra-HD 60Hz. This is all driven by Sony’s X1 HDR picture processor. While not as powerful as the X1 Ultimate, it is sufficient for the LED screen of the Sony X9000H.

Sony 55 Inch Tv Black Friday Deals 2021– Sales Discount Offer

The box includes table stands that are as sturdy and well-designed as the TV. These stands, which are not as high-end as other Sony TVs, are located near the corners. They are also wide so you will need a large table to put the Sony 55X9000H.

Wall-mounting can be requested at no additional cost. The technician will provide the appropriate wall-mount equipment. The standard VESA pitch measurements of this TV allow you to use any wall mount kit that supports it. The ports to the left of your TV are easy to access, even when mounted on a wall. There are four HDMI ports and two USB ports. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth can be used, as well as CEC and HDMI ARC.

Many brands have adopted more minimalist and adventurous remotes. Sony, however, insists on a traditional-looking, button-filled model. The remote of the Sony 55X9000H looks and feels great, with many buttons, including a number pad that is quite rare nowadays. The remote includes dedicated controls for playback, Android TV navigation, and a microphone and button to Google Assistant. It also has volume and mute keys and hotkeys for Netflix, Google Play, and IR. Two AAA batteries are included in the package. The buttons are easy to identify and well-placed, so it is easy to use even in darkness. Google Assistant functionality was very useful as it allowed me to control other gadgets and appliances, including smart lights and robots. All standard Google Assistant features, including fetching content or answering queries, work well.

The Sony 55X9000H features Chromecast Ultra functionality that allows casting at Ultra-HD resolution. It also works with Apple AirPlay or HomeKit. The TV supports Netflix Calibrated mode. This automatically adjusts the picture settings to the recommended levels for certain Netflix titles based on inputs from the content creator.

Sony was a pioneer in Android TV OS. It offers a complete experience, with no restrictions. It has also been involved in standards certifications and integrations with streaming services like Netflix. The Android TV experience on Sony 55X9000H has improved.

Sony 55 Inch Tv Black Friday Deals 2021– Guide

This TV runs on Android TV 9 Pie with key apps like YouTube and Netflix preinstalled. You can also download apps and games from the Google Play Store. All apps can support the maximum resolution for each service, provided you have the correct plans. You can access all sound and picture settings from the interface, even while you’re watching content. You can quickly change mode and make adjustments to the settings. It is quick to turn on when it’s powered up from standby and works well with no lag.

Televisions with LED backlighting are now considered budget-friendly options. Large-screen 4K TVs that have large screens can use this type of display. Buyers with larger budgets may be more inclined towards OLED or QLED TVs. The Sony 55X9000H’s Rs. 1,29,900. The price tag is 1,29,900

It features a VA panel, high peak brightness and full-array microdimming. These elements work well together to deliver performance that is comparable to what a QLED TV such as the OnePlus TV Q1 Pro and TCL 55C715 can offer. The 55X9000H offers a uniform viewing experience regardless of resolution, as we have seen with premium Sony TVs. This is due to excellent upscaling, picture tuning, and other features.

The Sony 55X9000H’s HDR10 and Dolby Vision content brings out the best of HDR10 content and Dolby Vision. It has a great combination of brightness, colours and black levels. The Sony 55X9000H’s black levels are excellent thanks to local dimming. This TV was able to produce a vivid, detailed and pleasant picture when I watched our planet and Chef’s Table: Barbecue on Netflix with Dolby Vision. It produced a visual that was clearly and significantly better than any other LED TVs. The TV did a great job making the images of Chef’s Table’s food look lifelike. Local dimming made it possible to achieve almost OLED-like blacks. High contrast ratios also allowed for accurate colour rendition across the entire range. The Sony 55X9000H played HDR10 content at the same level as the HDR10 version of Dolby Vision. This is a remarkable feat.

This was especially useful when watching The Boys Season 2. The Sony 55X9000H captured the darkest scenes almost flawlessly every time. The image was sharp and gave an impressive glimpse into Karl Urban’s devious expressions of anti-hero Billy Butcher.


The Sony 55X9000H was a little behind in resolutions, but it did well with motion handling. Although it was a bit jittery to watch, the motion enhancements were not too noticeable. However, they did make things a little more comfortable. Artefacts could be seen in fast-moving scenes, as was the case in many scenes from The Boys. This was very distracting. It was noticeable at all resolutions but especially with 4K content and sharp pictures.

The majority of 4K TVs that are affordable tend to have problems scaling lower resolution content, especially 720p and standard-definition video. The Sony 55X9000H excels in this area, with excellent performance at all resolutions. Although there is some data and definition lost during upscaling, Sony does a great job at minimising it and making lower-resolution content look as good possible, even with the large screen.

Jojo Rabbit was bright and sharp on Disney+Hotstar. There were only motion issues. The Sony 55X9000H was able to capture colours, textures and brightness in lower-resolution content such as children’s videos on YouTube or Netflix.

Although the Sony 55X9000H is a great TV, it doesn’t have the same sound quality as premium TVs. Two simple 10W full range speakers that fire downwards from the screen provide adequate sound at high volumes. Although the sound quality is good and volume levels are consistent, it is not outstanding due to the low power. The TV’s talke is a little dull for fast and loud scenes. However, it’s good enough to watch basic television such as news or sitcoms.

I spent a lot of time with my Sony 55X9000H 4K LCD TV and am not convinced it is worth the price. This is the best LED TV I have ever used. But does it justify spending more than a 55-inch QLED TV? OLED TVs are also possible if you spend a little more. The Sony 55X9000H’s 1,29,900 cost is a major drawback. Despite this, I have seen the TV selling for Rs. The TV is available at a discounted price of Rs. 1,10,000, which might make the deal more appealing to buyers who are unsure about the price.

This television is still a great buy due to its brand value and the fact it’s an excellent TV, regardless of what screen it is used on. Sony 55 Inch Tv Black Friday Deals 2021 The Sony 55X9000H is not without its flaws. Sound quality and motion are poor. However, it makes up for these shortcomings with excellent picture quality, software and features. Although it is expensive and you may want to look into a QLED TV, the 55X9000H will be a great choice.