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Sony C800g Black Friday DealsThis was the missing piece in my studio. I am fortunate to have the best equipment for outboard. The one thing that I didn’t have was a “premier” microphone. A U87 has been a prized possession in my mic collection for many years. sony c800g Black Friday Deals 2021 The 87 isn’t the right mic for all voices, however, especially when it comes vocals. Some voices can be hindered by the Neumann eq presence peak, which many knock-off microphones attempt to emulate. The Sony C800G has been my first choice for high-fidelity vocal quality. I have used it in other studios for many years. It was a great choice for vocalists who had never tried it before. It’s also easy to forget, thanks to its unique look. When a project presented itself that I wanted to complete at my studio, I knew that I needed my C800G. Why didn’t I try to find a vintage 47 or U67? That is a great question. These mics are icons, for a reason.

These mics are the best in sound quality, and I agree with that sentiment. However, there are no two mics that sound exactly the same. When I rented classics like Telefunken Elam 251s, AKG C 12s, U47s, etc., I have always had the provider bring me two. Because on any given day, one mic will sound better than the other. This is due to how well the mic was maintained and the way the electronic components age. A 50-year-old capacitor won’t be operating within the original tolerances set at the time of manufacturing. This is why classic mic models don’t sound identical. This being said, most people don’t have technicians to fix equipment when it breaks down. I didn’t want to risk investing in a classic vintage mic that would be used regularly.

Sony C800g Black Friday Deals 2021– Sales Discount Offer

The Sony C800G microphone is one of the best and most highly rated. It produces a professional sound unlike any other. The Sony C-800G microphone is currently being used in the studio by major rap producers such as Dr. Dre and Eminem.

This microphone is known for its ability capture vocals with a’silky breathiness’. It also has a high sensitivity that can capture delicate vocal recordings. It’s certainly good enough to capture Mariah Carey’s ability to move between different octaves within a song.

High sensitivity (-33dB/Pa), makes the Sony C-800G a great microphone for recording vocals . It also makes a great choice for recording acoustic instruments. The microphone has no noise floor and produces recordings that are clear, with little to no distortion.

The two-part aluminum body of the C-800G is another aspect that aids in sound capture. This prevents recording from generating acoustic resonances. This allows for a crisper sound and enhanced clarity. You might be curious about the tube-like device attached to the microphone’s main body if you look at the C-800G picture.

To help regulate the temperature of the C-800g after prolonged usage, the vacuum tube is included. The cooling system ensures that the device operates at an optimal temperature. This is crucial for ensuring long-lasting performance. You can perform multiple pick patterns simultaneously by vibrating the two diaphragms of the microphone.

This microphone may not be as well-known as high-end brands like Telefunken, Neumann, and AKG. This microphone is becoming a standard for major artists in the studio, as we have already mentioned. Keep an eye out for this microphone, which we believe will explode and be one of the most well-known on the market.

This microphone can be both a great advantage and disadvantage. This microphone will record every off-note and mistake made by a recorded singer if they lack vocal quality.

Sony C800g Black Friday Deals 2021– Guide

The price is the biggest con for the Sony C-800G microphone. It is impossible to spend thousands of dollars on a microphone. The C800G is a premium microphone. The C800G comes with a high upfront cost and then expensive maintenance costs.

It would mean that I would have to send it off to a specialist to fix it. It was a large sum, money that I would have lost if I hadn’t had my ‘premier mic’. This brings me back to my C800G. The C800G, a timeless classic that has been used on many hits in your music collection, is still manufactured today. It comes with a lifetime warranty. The best part is that it has won every mic shootout I have done with it. It’s expensive, but it can inspire performances with clients. This saves time that you would have spent on editing, tuning, and eqing it to sound like a hit track. It’s a great deal if you value your time.

This microphone is an investment and should not be taken lightly. But the price is well worth it! This microphone will not only meet all your production needs, but will also last a lifetime. After long periods of use, there’s no need to replace microphones frequently.

Before you buy the Sony C-800G, think about the music style that you will be using. The Sony C-800G is often regarded as the ultimate tool for recording vocals and acoustic instruments, but it may not be the right choice for heavy music, for instance.

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It is not easy to achieve professional-quality production results in your home. You can do this with the Sony C-800G. This microphone produces a clear and pristine sound due to its combination of the exterior structure, the dual-diaphragm and the vacuum tube.

This microphone produces amazing sound quality, especially when recording vocals. This microphone is unrivalled by any other microphone on the market. Sony C800g Black Friday Deals 2021 It’s impossible to imagine anyone not wanting their recordings to be as good as Kanye West’s or Mariah Carey’s.