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Sony Str Dn1080 Black Friday DealsYou can hear every sound effect in detail. There are natural expressive voices and layers of depth surrounding them. It’s like a broken glass window. You can hear the sharp, metallic tinkling and the deep, Sony Str Dn1080 Black Friday Deals 2021 sonic notes rippling around each effect. It’s dynamically exciting and fun. The DN1080 is able to handle the shifting shifts of sound with great control, making quiet moments as exciting as the loud explosions that erupt in the vast open soundfield. It’s captivating. We’ve seen John Wick many times, but the Sony STR-1080 keeps us riveted to the action as if we were just seeing it. Gunshots are extremely precise and punches have a satisfying impact. The way the Sony moves around the film’s choreography is exemplary. You can see exactly where each sound – be it a crash, spell, gunshot, or magical creature – is located in the soundfield. The sound surrounds you with a sonic cocoon, even before you turn on the Dolby Atmos and DTS:X 3D soundtracks.

Although the additional height channels sound convincing, it does reduce the solidity and power of the bass performance. There’s also a lot of low-end depth, and texture. Although it’s not as powerful as the Denon AVRX2500H or its successor the AVRX2600H, the Sony amp makes a strong impression on bass notes. A home cinema amp at this level isn’t a match for dedicated stereo amplifiers such as the Rega Brio, but the Sony handles dynamic shifts and vocals in a fluid, articulate manner that sounds more musical than most amps. With plenty of headroom, high notes can be reached. Although the sound is crisp and clear, the amp’s solidity keeps it from sounding harsh or bright when turned up. This is a key complaint that Sony amps have faced in the past.

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The Sony’s sound is also more detailed than that of the Denon AVRX2500H and offers a larger scale of sound. Plug in the set up mic and run the auto calibration process to get the best sound quality for your room’s acoustics. The improved DCAC EX calibration by Sony takes into account your speaker package configuration before generating quick and musical test tones. The manual settings can be used to adjust the results. However, we are satisfied with the accuracy of the Sony’s measurements in our test-room. The interface of the DN1080 is simple and well-designed. The DN1080’s interface is well-designed and easy to use. If you have a 5.1 package only, the first option adds virtual surround rear speakers. The second option ‘corrects the placement of your speakers in case your room doesn’t permit for optimal speaker placement.

The effectiveness of this option will depend on the room you have, but it does make the sound shift convincingly in listening rooms. To fully enjoy DTS:X or Dolby Atmos soundtracks, make sure to select auto format decoding in the sound effects menu. Pure Direct, which eliminates all digital interferences, is well worth activating when listening to pure analogue. The STR-1080 black box is heavy, hefty, and well-built. A few shortcut buttons, volume, and input dials work seamlessly on the front panel. There is also a simplified display that makes it easy to read at a glance. The amp is simple to use and doesn’t require any special skills. The light plastic remote control is easy to use thanks to the logically placed buttons. Although we would prefer that it be backlit, you will eventually become accustomed to the shapes of the most important buttons after a few days. The STR-DN1080 is all about the inside: Sony used premium components and advanced technology derived form its custom-install ES receivers to design it. It can play Dolby atmos soundtracks with a 5.1.2 speaker configuration.

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However, it also supports the DTS:X format. Of course, given the Sony’s age, HDMI 2.1 is not supported, but all six HDMI inputs on the back are HDCP 2.2 compliant, supporting full playback of 4K HDR content. The ‘video 1″ input does not support full 4:4/4 chroma subsampling, but all other HDMI inputs do. Two HDMI outputs are available, along with a few legacy inputs and single optical and coaxial inputs. A USB port can also be used to charge your smartphone. The Denon AVRX2600H has eight HDMI inputs and two more across the board. However, the Sony is not lacking in connectivity and you have plenty of sockets. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Sony product without some serious hi-res music support. The amp can play up to 24-bit/192kHz files in all popular formats, and will also play native double DSD files across HDMI and USB.

Two of the HDMI inputs, titled CD/SACD and BD/DVD, are optimized for best audio quality. Sony recommends that you plug in your favorite sources to these inputs. Additional streaming options are available in the STR-DN1080. You can play high-res music files from any NAS or laptop connected to the amp’s DLNA certificate. Multi-room is also possible: The Music Center app (formerly SongPal), allows you to connect to compatible Sony products to stream music throughout your house. Verdict Sony returned from a gap year with all the specifications checked. Dolby Atmos, as well as other cutting edge features, makes the STR-1080 an AVR package at a jaw-droppingly low PS429 ($500; AU$1749). In home cinema technology terms, three years is quite a long time. The fact that the amp has won Awards three times in a row speaks volumes. Sony Str Dn1080 Black Friday Deals 2021 It’s such an accomplishment, we’ve inducted the Sony STR-DN1080 into our Hall of Fame – our list of the most important and influential products of all time.