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Taotronics Soundliberty 53 Black Friday DealsThis attractive piece of equipment comes in a compact and simple cardboard box that comes with the usual equipment that is contained within. There’s the audio kit as well as four ear moulds of various sizes, and a charging case and USB cable, as well as instructions. The appearance for SoundLiberty 53 Taotronics Soundliberty 53 Black Friday Deals 2022 SoundLiberty 53 appears to be influenced to its predecessor, the Apple AirPods, or at most, the design and aesthetics that are displayed in the model we tested we received. However, they are not like the AirPods. they sport a more sharp style in black with a simple design instead of the round, white look of the Apple model. They are waterproof and sweat-proof as per IPX7.

Because of Bluetooth 5.0 which is available, the device can be connected with any effort and the audio output can be heard without need of cables. Sound AptX as a standard codec isn’t something to expect with an item at this price however AAC is, as you can see in this is an excellent choice. This is evident when you first experience SoundLiberty 53. SoundLiberty 53, and the audio that is extremely well-received. A solid bass, along with high-quality mid-range, and smooth high-end treble can be expected when the volume is high enough. It’s an enjoyable listening experience that is all-round, with the most expansive stereo soundstage to anticipate. It’s not overly ambitious also, though there’s an inclination towards softer trebles apparent. However, this does not push the sound into a sour sounding territory.

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The sound that you hear isn’t an intricate audiophile sound however it’s not awful at all. Higher-end models don’t engulf the listener in a deep way, but there’s a deficiency in imaging quality, which can lower the sound little. However the SoundLiberty 53 is a remarkable sound for a headphone that retails at less than 60 euros. The integrated microphones which are clearly directed towards the mouth due to the shape of the in-ears, enhance the specs that are displayed here.

The human voice may sound a little rough and more pronounced than it should when using telephony apps are commonplace However, this is due to the noise-reducing devices that attempt to block out noise. It’s an acceptable compromise. Control The in-ears feature an interface for controlling the volume that is extremely user-friendly and doesn’t seem to be too quickly. This should be noted as an advantage, since when compared with other expensive models available it’s not an assurance. The number of functions assigned to this model is quite unique when compared with the other models. Tap left to reduce the volume while tapping right to raise it.

Tap left or right two times to playback, or stop it, or take or terminate calls. Press left, right or both three times for a skip tracks in either direction. Tap twice to turn off music playback could require some time to get used to, but some patience in this area is worth it. The shape makes their elliptical-shaped charging case feel somewhat cheap and I’m not sure whether the hinge can stand up to the test of timethe build quality of the headphones are pretty good. The “pipe” shape is similar to the AirPods. But, like an Anker SoundCore Liberty Air ($80) What’s different is that they have the noise-isolating feature of silicone tips that block the ear canals of your ears and reduce noise.

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These are “hard” buds with an opening design which allows music in.I don’t know if they’ll be as comfortable for your ears as mine – they didn’t at the very least, for one of my colleagues. Certain people may like the AirPods that fit. However, for me who frets over keeping the AirPods in my ear, without the addition of fins for sports, I was pleased the fact that they were able to stay put even while I ran with them. According to TaoTronics’s website, they’re sweat-proof. I had no issues connecting and fixing the headphones following the initial setup (I utilized the iPhone X ($390 at Amazon) as well as an Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus) and only experienced a handful of interruptions during the week of testing.

They are powered by Bluetooth 5.0 which is a good connection for my smartphone. reliable, even in the city streets in New York City, where less expensive earphones that are true wireless are often troubled by interference. I did not find the TaoTronics not as comfortable to wear during long listening sessions like those of Liberty Air, which are slightly smaller, however they comfortably fit my ears and I was able to achieve a secure connection, and this is essential for maximizing bass response and the sound quality. Charger Case and Battery Life If you’re like me then you might have scoured Amazon to find a cheaper alternative to Apple’s AirPods that start at $159 and can go up to $199 if your preference is wireless charging.

There are many low-cost models that have excellent reviews from users, such as those from TaoTronics TWS TT-BH053 ($45). But are they actually that great? My experience is that most times they’re good enough — but there are some that aren’t even good even at all. This TaoTronics pair however, is a step above the “meh” class. It’s not perfect in regards to audio quality, but they’re among the top under $50 true wireless models I’ve tried.

This charging box is large size and can easily be carried around your body in your pocket. The in-ears, that require an annual recharge of up to five hours, and playback for four hours are able to be placed inside the case because of the magnetic components within the case’s design. The battery inside the case is enough to Taotronics Soundliberty 53 Black Friday Deals 2022  last for approximately seven hours and should result in an operational capacity that is 36 hours. It’s not bad in any way, and it’s 4.5 minutes of life that that the in-ears provide as standard is far superior to the specifications that is offered by higher-priced competitor models.