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Last updated on March 22, 2023 12:00 pm

Tp-Link Ac1200 Black Friday DealsDo you need a speedy WiFi router at home? A majority of users use entry-level routers. These are standard-speed routers that have low range coverage and a slow speed. Anyone who wants to enjoy speedy connectivity require a high-end router, such as the TP Link Archer A6 (Ac1200). It not only offer Tp-Link Ac1200 Black Friday Deals 2022 high-speed Wi-Fi speeds, however, it’s also among the most affordable routers that you can buy. The TP-Link AC1200 is the second model of the Archer router. The router is a combination of 2 2-MU-MIMO technology and 802.11ac standard. It’s a modern router that has robust hardware. The A6 AC1200 was designed for home use.

But, you can utilize this router for small or medium office.We evaluated the WAN performance of the router to determine the highest speed for wireless. Most routers do not include Gigabit ports, which means they don’t provide Gigabit Internet performance. It is possible to achieve speeds of 940 Mbps by having the NAT Boost feature enabled. The TP Link A6 Ac1200 can support UNIFI Turbo at an average speed of as high as 800 Mbps. The wired LAN in contrast can support 1 Gbps speed. We tested the wireless speed with the Ac1200 receiver on a laptop computer and compared the results to the Archer A7 TP-Link. After trying out this device we discovered it to be Archer A6 is a bit more efficient over that of the Archer A7 when we tested it using the Ac1200 receiver.

The fast internet speed is thanks to the state-of-the-art wireless chipset that runs Beamforming technology. With the Ac1750 client it is you can use the Archer A7 will perform better than the A6. In Ac1750, which is a 2.4 GHz radio frequency band the speed we observed as 315 Mbps in 5ft. At fifteen feet we observed the average speed as 276 Mbps, and in 30 feet the measured speed was just 114 million Mbps. In contrast the speed of the 5 GHz band was at 900 milliseconds (5 feet) and 673 Mbps (15 feet) along with 384Mbps (30 feet).

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Size The dimension of the TP-Link  inches. The weight of this router can be found at 2 pounds. Archer A6 is a stylish router. Archer A6 has glossy black plastic that has a wave-like ripple that echos throughout its body. It has a distinct style and a stylish appearance. It isn’t possible to mount the router to the walls. It can be placed on the shelf or table. On the front of the router are six LEDs, which indicate the state of the networks. The LEDs also show what’s happening with the WPS, Power, Ethernet connections, and connections to 5 GHz and 2.4 bands at 2.4GHz. The LEDs do not shine meaning that you won’t disturb your home. There are four Antennas located on the back of the router that transmits wireless signals over 15,000 sq feet. The range is typical for a router that has an average of Ac1200.

Antennas on the TP-Link Archer A6 are non-detachable and for many users are the main drawback of this router. It is not possible to change the antennas in the first place. If you do want to upgrade the antennas you must open the device and go into the settings for your hardware. We believe it’s not the best idea to change the antennas. It is the Archer A6  has one WAN port as well as four Ethernet ports. Each Ethernet port can carry an entire Gigabit of bandwidth. In our tests of this router, we noticed that the router runs at an inferior speed in its 2.4 GHz band. In addition, there’s a power button, a WPS button, and a reset button on the back panels of A6 Ac1200. Hardware The TP-Link A6 Ac1200 has a single-core processor. It’s equipped with Qualcomm QCA9563 CPU running at 775 MHz. The processor’s speed of 775 milliseconds for a router equipped with Ac1200 is slightly more slowly. It is worth noting that the Archer A6 supports Beamforming and MU-MIMO on five GHz channels. You need to enable these features for better Wi-Fi speed. The latest Qualcomm QCA9886 runs the channel at 5GHz, rather.

In contrast, it is the Archer A7 is powered by the Qualcomm QCA9880. Therefore, the A6 is more powerful than the A7 due to its Beamforming as well as MU-MIMO support. It is also equipped with 128 MB of memory and eight MB of memory to store the software. There aren’t USB ports. Installation The installation process for the TP-Link Archer A6  is easy effortless, simple, and seamless. You will need to follow an installation wizard. You must create an account and password. There’s an initial username and password that you need to change in order to secure the network. The Setup Wizard walks you step-by-step through the installation procedure.

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After initial installation process, the Wizard will ask whether an internet connection is established. If the connection is established and the setup is done. However it is necessary to alter the settings and correct things to make a good internet connection. It is a simple installation process. It is also possible to enjoy the flexibility of setting the settings for the router, meaning you can alter the settings in accordance with your preferences in setting the router’s network configuration. This User Interface “UI” even allows novice users to navigate to the Advanced tab to alter the settings. Overall the Ac1200 is a dated technology, however beamforming and MU MU-MIMO capabilities provide faster Wi-Fi.We bought the TP-Link Archer AC1200 Router to ensure that an expert reviewed by us could fully examine and test the device.

Check out our complete review of the product. The TP Link Archer A6 is a dual-band gigabit router made to offer some great improvements and features at an affordable price. It has features like the dual 2.4GHz and five GHz bands and MU-MIMO beamforming. This marks it as an excellent upgrade for those who have an affordable router that’s more than couple of years old. There are some limitations that you could get from the more expensive model however, the balance of features to cost is appealing. The specifications don’t always reveal the full story. I recently spent five days using a TP-Link Archer A6 that was connected to my personal network. I tested how it performed under regular use , with several high-speed devices at the same time I also tested the high speeds and range across each band, as well as much more. New design: Improved over previous models Its design is improved over older designs.

Archer A6 doesn’t exactly stand from the crowd however it’s an a significant improvement over the earlier C7 that I have to test. Instead of the glossy or flat black finish you see on many routers and routers, the A6 is a two-toned crosshatched pattern that gives an intriguing visual effect. The edges are smooth instead of an angular shape, and the top curves downwards when looking at it head-on. The A6 comes with four antennas: two on the rear, and 2 on each side. They are able to rotate easily for better placement, but they’re not easily removed. This is a minor negative for this model since the capability to take and replace antennas is a common feature even in low-end devices. The power button and ports are located in the bottom of the device in a standard arrangement as well as the indicator lights on top close to the edge of the front.

This is a good position for use on a desktop as it makes the indicators visible when mounted to the wall. In comparison with other Wi-Fi routers made by different brands like Asus, Netgear, and Linksys however, Tp-Link Ac1200 Black Friday Deals 2022 the hardware in this model is less robust. Overall, it is a strong hardware, and when it comes down to performance the A6 is an excellent router due to the two-way MU-MIMO technology. It can emulate two distinct networks